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Workshop “Language change and variation in English: Methods and frameworks”  – 11 avril 2024

Journée organisée par Ann Coady, Eric Mélac et Florence Floquet

Site St Charles 1 salle 126

L’entrée est libre. Il est également possible d’y assister à distance via le lien zoom suivant :

9:30 AM Welcome drinks and opening 

9:45 Eric Mélac (Uni. Paul Valéry), The development of English evidential markers: A case of grammaticalization or constructionalization?

10:45 Debra Ziegeler (Uni. Sorbonne Nouvelle, Uni. Paul Valéry), Can co-optation be replicated in contact? English final discourse particles in New Englishes

12PM Lunch pause

2:00 PM Alessandro Basile (Uni. Sorbonne Nouvelle), What a “pan-stratist” model tells us about modality in contact: A case study from Singapore English 

3:00 Cameron Morin (ENS Lyon), Double modal constructions in Australian and New Zealand English: A computational sociolinguistic survey.

4:00 Marc-Philippe Brunet (Uni. Savoie Mont Blanc), Investigating the social meaning of language variation in the US South: Epistemological elements of sociolinguistic research

5:00 Discussion and conclusion