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Dorothee Birke (Norwegian University of Science and Technology), “Writing the Reader”

Jeudi 25 février 2021 (online)

Organisatrices: Sandrine Sorlin & Virginie Iché

A post-conference seminar on Addressing Readers

Title: “Writing the Reader” (see Affiche SEM Birke 250221)


The history of the English novel is also a history of shifting views about reading practices. In this talk, I argue that novelistic representations of readers – and in particular, the type of the “obsessive reader” – have, through the centuries, been used to reflect on the potential of reading as a cultural practice and, ultimately, to promote the idea of the special value of novel reading in particular. Case studies include Charlotte Lennox` The Female Quixote (1752)and Alan Bennett`s The Uncommon Reader (2007).

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